Refresh your campaigns with new inspiring scroll ads.

Create better ad experiences and be the center of attention.

Display and Video
user-friendly formats.

Take advantage of Scroller Video and Scroller Display formats.

Selected premium publishers

Available formats for Desktop and Mobile.

Why scroller ads

Creative Ads Reinvented.

Open the window within the websites to discover the ad behind! Scroller Ad's video and display formats makes your message the center of attention without being intrusive. What’s more, 35% of the people who saw the scroller expressed positive feelings about how the ad revealed itself -- relative to the 16% who said the same for the standard expandable.*

Scroller Video

Seamless Experience
Reveal and play your video when the user scrolls around any content feed.
Adaptative Video
The video adapts to the user screen for a better user experience. Even when the user is watching it in Vertical mode.
Programmatic Ready.
Access Scroller Video media placements directly from your favorite DSP.
Live Demo

Available for Desktop and Mobile Web.

Scroller Display

The ultimate Storytelling Canva.
Create inspiring messages with more space for your creatives as your Ad seems to move behind the site creating a depth illusion in the scene.
HTML5 and CSS3 friendly.
Maximize your creativity with full animated banners.
Programmatic Buying Available.
Access Scroller Display media placements directly from your favorite DSP.
Live Demo

Available for Desktop and Mobile Web.

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Take advantage of RTB market auctions and optmize your own campaign according to your KPIs.

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Optimize also Reach, CTR and more!

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Activate your campaigns from your DSP at any time using the same PMP.

Limitless programmatic possibilities.

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