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Campaigns Reinvented.

Every brand has amazing stories to tell. And Video is the best vehicle to bring them to your audience. Scroller Ads groups the best performing publishers with formats that fit best for its content. Your Video ad is distributed to those publishers where people actually watch them, helping you optimize your campaign goals and your advertising budget.*

Scroller Video

Innovative video formats and ad placements.

Guaranteed premium inventory manually curated.
Available programmatically through any DSP.
Fully oriented to reach our client’s KPI’s .

Achieve your advertising goals with Scroller Ads!

Completion Rate: Capture the user’s attention with non-intrusive video ads with our curated ecosystem.

Viewability & Engagement: Boost your brand awareness with attractive videos across all devices. 

Video Instream

Maximize viewability with pre-roll ads aligned to relevant video content.

Available for Desktop and Mobile.

Video Outstream

Extend your reach to the right audience through our Native Video ad format.

Available for Desktop and Mobile.

Video Outstream + Floating

Achieve the highest performance in viewability and VTR with non-intrusive ads.

Available for Desktop and Mobile.

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Demand Optimization
Data Filter

Traditional Audience and technical DSP targeting optimization


Prioritize bid impressions for better chances to win on bids

Supply Optimization
Exclusive Inventory

Access to inventory not available on the Open Network

Pre-Filtered Impressions

Supply-side optimization for viewability and brand safety

Programmatic Buying

Access Scroller Ads through your favorite DSP
Set up your PMP to receive impression opportunities from a more focused inventory and maximize your campaign’s results. Take advantage of RTB market auctions and optmize your own campaign according to your KPIs.

RTB Auctions

Optimize your eCPM in an open auction for inventory.

Optimize also Reach, CTR and more!

PMPs Ready-to-Go

Quick start buying ScrollerAd inventory through a Private Market Place.

Setup a floor price with us and start from there!


Activate your campaigns from your DSP at any time using the same PMP.

Limitless programmatic possibilities.

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